Wednesday, February 22, 2006

hello all.
been awhile, true. too much happening and at the same time not enough. wanted to wait til there was some real update on the adventure.

so first, wanted to expand a bit on "duncanville", us getting our start (duncanville is located about 30 miles south of dallas)...tim and i met here in 1983. tim had a band called REGENCY..and that's about it. duncanville was a strange place to grow up, somehow looking back there always seems to be a dark cloud associated with it..then again, who doesn't say that about their "home town", cliche'. so i'll leave it at that. although i have to admit realizing this is where we'd do some overdubs (thanks to mark) was shocking. and honestly, tim and i couldn't even remember where the main exit was, cedar could we forget? but it slowly started coming back when we passed duncanville high school, looked brand new i might add. unrecognisable. once you're in the studio here you could be anywhere. cool place. and cool people. i have a knack for ending a conversation and then adding a few more thoughts. i learned it last december after the polyphonic xmas show.

so, the album...tim finished scratch vocals with lyrics as of this evening, my bday by the way. we're headed to dinner with evan and jennie. king congleton is running some rough mixes of songs with the vocal. we wait.

we're leaving for chicago soon and need to get the choir some music! will be another spontaneous adventure. choir is quick though, a special trade achieved thru by always being last to record in this group and usually at 2am and of course "with very little time"

songs are getting to a place of real excitement. went and saw pilotdrift the other night (easily one of the TOP performing bands out there right now..would hate to come on after them) and then ventured off to the new good records where we played the roughs on the new system there. there were about six of us and we listened til 3am..tim cut the floor up with his new and improved moves! i think we all did. was definitely a high moment thus far associated with the music.

will update in chicago. the girls are getting ready.