Sunday, February 05, 2006

sunday night

mike cooked a thankgiving meal..amazing..that guy has some crazy superpower with food..he takes our odds and ends and makes these phenominal dishes,..anyway, he went into town and bought everything yesterday morning and started preparing...spent today on and off as well 5pm it happened, possibly the best thanksgiving meal we sit, stuffed but satisfied

the music...our fourteen tracks are on their way...we begin in the morning with a whole new, sounds and evam, i say "evan" cuz he does something different from the idea of just a "keyboard" player..he's sort of a secret weapon..

we picked jennie and kids up yesterday from airport and they were so excited...they've been sledding and going stir crazy at the same time! and eating plenty of s'mores! they also did quite a bit of swimming today and tonight...before mike left oscar played some piano for him..the kids met him when they were younger and now they seem much bigger, more aware

check out the poly forum where it says "song titles/contest" ya an idea of what we're up to

bryan is packing up the drums tonight...mike left..mark is done...most will be leaving tues..tim, myself, annie, ryan and evan will stay til the 11th to see what we can see....

listened down today to most tracks in a row for first time and thought it was still pretty awesome, fingers crossed...don't wanna toot our own horn :)