Friday, February 03, 2006

friday morning........woke up to a massive amount of snow and it's still falling heavily..we're hoping it goes all weekend, we texans don't get to experience this very often..the house we're in is up high over the hills with loads of trees and a stream alongside, tough isn't it? :) the kids and jennie will be pleased coming in tomorrow, it's gorgeous.

tim is building a fire and mike has started on a lunch dish for the day, meatloaf. we have alot of catching up to do, yesterday was a bit off. got a late start and weren't quite "feeling" it on the planned the guys moved on to another and it looks like it's gonna come out stellar...finishing bass this morning after mark picks up stephanie from airport and then onto another song..we have only a few left, putting us at fourteen strong

i might mention that over the last five minutes, tim and mike just put out a fire here in the kitchen, the meatloaf caught on fire! a picture would be great to accompany the entry but it happened so fast and we were just freaked out so....have to imagine the moment. i'm watching them now get things under control and although it was scary, it's funny now..evan just walked in and asked if there was a fire in here!?

about food...we had our first, official outing as an entire group last night...the engineer here, brent and his wife, wendy, their daughter, kitty and their friend laura invited everyone over for dinner..WOW! it was delicious and they have the most amazing home...just a mile from where we're at...was such a nice break and even though we've had plenty of home cooked meals here at the house, it's all beginning to taste the same..i'd say the change in environment, company and spices was a welcomed change by all. they were quite generous too,,,nice wine and food, good music and laid back..not to mention some hilarious conversations! so thanks to them we should have a great, productive day today...

we're starting to realize that the entire session sounds like it's based around food! and in ways it is i admit...but, trust us, we're determined to deliver you guys something special and will do...we still have much work ahead but will at least leave here with fourteen songs that if they had to stop there, would be killer songs! we loaded our plate basically! before coming out here, it felt like a mountain and we were the confidence is up and we're well on our way

it looks like a white xmas here right now


p.s. from evan: just added a pic of brent and wendy's jackelope that he bagged here in cannon falls last winter. they have it proudly displayed over their fireplace. apparently this neck of the woods is overrun with them. also wanted to mention that besides the great food and company, it was such a treat to see their three pups, romeo, jack, and rocky. made us all miss our critters back home (willie, zot, galaxy) even more.