Friday, February 10, 2006

sorry for the delay in the post. have been really busy since we last "spoke." jennie (jk) and the kids being here lifted our spirits so much; we understandably got sidetracked.

on a nonmusical note, we got to take the kids on a nice little adventure on one of the many trails behind the house. oscar found a paw print that scared the charles dickens out of us. i thought bears are hibernating this time of year. i don't know what else it could be (the foot [size 9] beside the print is mine for perspective). anyhoo, it's amazing out here. we've seen beaver, wild turkey (the non-101 proof kind), deer, jackelope, etc.; forunately no bear. and if you've ever been in charge of 3 kids on a trek over an icy bridge over a raging(?), ice cold river (read: creek), i feel for you. even as i took the picture i feared the thought of telling tim and julie that their j-bird had fallen just a few feet to his demise. not quite ready to be a parent. kudos to all of you who are!

before jk and the kids left, bw (who rivals fitzy and mike's culinary skills) whipped up a killer batch of spaghetti (both carnivorous and veggie). the kids helped with the garlic cheese bread through jk's ingenious Q/A game.

today tim decided to redo some of the bass tracks with his new axe. actually, our new acquaintance jim leverton dropped off one of tim's repaired acoustics and showed a recent luthierian(?) project of his. i subsequently used it to get some much needed fire wood.

also, today it snowed again like nobody's business. compare the first pic of the studio to today's. since then the snow has melted off twice; everything in today's pic is oh so fresh. hopefully you can see from the studio pics how refreshing it is to see the outside world while you're working. windows are virtually nonexistent in a studio environment. it's such a simple concept, but pachyderm is the only one in my experience to grasp it. fortunately, seeing the sun go down lets annie know that it's time to watch "project runway." (let's just say we're hoping she gets her priorities straight really soon. daniel's good, but chloe's the ringer; just my opinion, though.)


p.s.--pink and white tulips are the new red roses!