Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Oh California I'm Coming Home"

Fun Portland and Eugene shows.....geez the west coast is great. Lots of friendly excited people....thanks for your energy.
For those of you at the Eugene show, did you dig the dance party at the end? I thought it was kind of fun, Jennie said it was cheesy...(shes going to kill me)
Now Polyphonic's ready to rock Anaheim California....watch out Mickey Mouse!
Be sure to make the whole show...The Redwalls....fantastic, the quite charming Rooney boys, and of course The Polyphonic Spree.


Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hi everyone.
We are here in Seattle today. Its really really cold, well at least for me. However Evan did point out that I am wearing peep toe shoes.....shall we move on.

Really looking forward to the show tonight. Its always a great crowd here. Also there is a great little place to eat in the museum a couple of blocks away...they have lavender martinis.....oops am I supposed to be blogging about the band?

So about to do sound check....I am antsy. I thinks its going to be a good one!

C'mon on out ya'll


Monday, October 22, 2007

Listening to the Thumbsucker soundtrack. One of my favorite recordings of all time. You should light a candle dim the lights and listen with a friend. Its magical.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Oh my gosh, you all. Lawrence, Kansas was a great show. I am still thrilled. It was definitly a bubble show. Sometimes everything in a show just clicks in every way possible....we call that being in the bubble. Its beautiful!

Well anyway...if you are ever in that neck of the woods you should stop by Miltons and have brunch. They serve breakfast till 2pm and its totally fresh. Jennie Kelley and I had a date with each other, eggs benedict florentine, and a fantastic Bloody Mary. The Bloody Mary even had okra in it. Mmmmhhhh.

We are off today. Julie and the kids are flying in for some family time with Papa T. I think its a movie day for me. I've got to catch up. Darjeerling Limited anyone?

Hope to see you in Denver.


Friday, October 19, 2007

Its Schwartzman, not Shwartzman...
and performance, not preformance.

Don't be jealous. I am a fantastic speller!

Hi everybody! This is Jessica Jordan. I am new to the blogger world for the most part. My goal is to keep you updated on the Person to Person Tour. So, here we go.

We have some new faces joining us. Zach Attack, on trombone. Elizabeth and Ariel in the choir.
Did you know Zach used to play trombone in the circus. I think thats pretty cool...just a little trivia for you...stay tuned for more.
Elizabeth and Ariel have blended so beautifully with the rest of us girls. They really are lovley.

So....the tour. You really should check it out. I have enjoyed each preformance so much! The Redwallls, Rooney, and Polyphonic. What a different mix. The shows are fantastic! Bonus: Our tour mates are super friendly.
We all put on our dancing shoes at the Redwalls cd releace party in Chicago. Matt Bricker, and Robert Shwartzman were on DJ duty. They did a great job. The tunes were fun. The vibe was great. Its gonna be a good one.

Hope to see you all soon, you really shouldn't miss it.