Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Fragile Army

hi all...we're trying to think of the best way to present some snippets to you of our rough mixes. usually it's kind of uncomfortable to share anything til it's completed (meaning.. final mixes, sequencing and mastering have occured)but after much deliberation, we thought what the heck. keep in mind these will be snippets and not entire songs for obvious reasons. also, comments are welcome. let us all enjoy some objective communication and sharing.and god forbid, fun.:)
julie d

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Fragile Army

we introduce some lyrics to you. a line from each song.yes, thirteen is the number.have fun and THANKS for visiting these blogs and maintaining your interest in our group. patient you have been. enjoy.

you totally found out we follow the words you learned to grow-

we try, we crawl, we live, we're small-

i'm projecting and reflecting desire for you to come into my life-

we may have missed a championship of a cross becoming a gun-

well everybody tries to keep themselves alive, you were younger yeasterday-

remember the night you said you had a vision?-

the summer clouds, they made us proud-

electric moment, we took a ride-

i'm calling a wonderful feeling to calm, it tells me something is coming but softly-

love in a mixed up time, it's hard to know which way to go-

this mental cabaret is dancing with my fate, oh-

i crawl back home to x the spot where worry begins and love's forgot-

justify all your phases, we're only human, we're always guessing-

lyrics by tim delaughter and julie doyle

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Polyphonic Spree Want Peace Now
Dallas pop choir tackle the war in Iraq on "The Fragile Army"

The robe-wearing, good-time promoting, pop-rock orchestra that is Dallas' Polyphonic
Spree will release their third album, The Fragile Army, this summer.

The twenty-plus-member band have become known for their wildly celebratory material
-- about the joy of love and relationships -- since their 2003 debut, The Beginning
Stages of the Polyphonic Spree. But frontman and primary songwriter Tim DeLaughter
says that, this time around, expect the ensemble to deal with the political issues
of the day -- something the Spree haven't done since the Iraq-inspired "Soldier

"It's definitely going to have that [orchestral] element, but it's our most urgent
record to date. It's a bit resonant of the times," DeLaughter says of the new cuts.
"There's a song called 'The Fragile Army,' the title track, and it's basically an
ode-to-Bush song. It's disgruntled with how things have been going and how split up
it seems we are as Americans. There is a sense, for me, of trying to create some
sort of unity with people."

In order to push themselves in the studio, DeLaughter enlisted John Congleton,
singer for punk trio the Paper Chase, as producer. "[His band] is kind of a complete
opposite of Polyphonic Spree, and we just thought it'd be interesting," he explains.
"It's been a great relationship."

Currently laying down the string parts in Texas, the Spree have also visited
Minnesota, where they put down the drums, and the Illinois studio of producer Steve
Albini (Nirvana, Pixies), where they recorded the group's signature choir parts.

"John does a lot of records there and he's friends with Steve," Delaughter said of
Albini's Electrical Audio in Chicago. "John said the B room would be great room for
the choir, and it was awesome. I'm super-excited about how that turned out. The
girls did fantastic."

The Spree are already working on changing the look of the gospel-style robes for
their upcoming live dates in support of The Fragile Army -- as well as a new stage
show. "It's a rock record!" says DeLaughter. "It's high-energy and electric. And I
think my 'Tripping Daisy' days might be slipping in there as well."


Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Fragile Army
hello. ok, so we've slacked a bit on the blog. apologies.will just get ya up to speed.
after march 22, tim did some lead vocals and we mixed a couple of songs. we're finishing rough mixes next week and then we'll obviously move on to final mixes on the fragile army. then see what happens. looks like the release may be closer to sept. now...but we'll make sure to get some music out on the web before then for our patient fans.
we have some summer shows/tours pending..keep ya posted there too.
we're eager to get back out there and play.