Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hi everyone....
here is the cutest blog ever about the New York show we played a little over a week ago. Got this on my google alert.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Check it out ya' all....


Monday, November 26, 2007


We want to encourage all people attending the show to either come are your own original Elf or dress in festive red and/or green for the holidays.

Also, The Cousins will be rocking out in the lobby. Other kiddos can join in after their set on the instruments provided a la "School Of Rock."

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wow! What a tour. Been home less than 24 and just reflecting. That was the most fun we have ever had as a band hands down!
Great great friends. Speaking of shows....the Baltimore show, are you kidding me! If you missed it, you missed IT! The Polyphonic Spree IS the best band in the world. Ok....I will get of the soap box. It was a moment, and life is full of them. Embrace. I am learning to.
Until next time....we do hope to see you at the Christmas show. Gonna be a good one. Bring the kiddos, and your Holiday Spirit. We love you guys...yes we do.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving, we have so much to be thankful for.
Still compiling the photos...I am so analog, sorry you all.



Monday, November 19, 2007


Friday, November 16, 2007


It is on....get your yule tide cheer in 'bah hum bugs' here....

7th Annual Holiday Extravaganza!
Sunday, December 16, 2007 5pm
Lakewood Theater
1825 Abrams Parkway
Dallas, TX 75214
All Ages/Smoke Free
Fun For The Whole Family.

We wanted to get this info out in a jiffy as we are excited....websites, myspaces, blogs, etc... will all be updated with info as confirmed....

expect snow, rudolph, milk & cookies, extended xmas set, participation for the kiddos, and other joyous surprises..... I have heard that Santa and his reindeer may even land down outside....the x-mas show is coming home to its original location...

Tickets and further info coming ASAP....mark your calendars....bring the mistletoe....

your friendly holiday reporter,

Wednesday, November 14, 2007 fun tour....and its coming to an end soon. If you haven't caught a show yet come out. Come at doors, have a cocktail, and check out all three bands. Its a really fun experience. We have made some new friendships within our band and out, and its going to be a bit sad to say goodbye. Being back with family, friends, will be good. Working on new projects will be exciting. Thank you for all your support. We do love you.

Still working on the pics.


Friday, November 09, 2007

God Bless Texas! What a blast. Dallas it was so good to Rock the House of Blues with you. And Austin, that was a dirty rock show. Guys do you feel the music...its all happening!
Had to cancel Houston....some sick Rooney's going around.
Polyphonic decided to take a little road trip to New Orleans before the Florida show. Julie D road down too! On bus one we had wine, cheese, and watched The Way We Were. Beautiful. You must see, even our brutish sound guy Adam Fisher cried. See what a little estrogen will do in your life.
Anyhow....gonna hang here for today, and catch the Redwalls in action tonight.
Hope to see you out tomorrow.
And keep checking in, I will be uploading some scandalous tour pics soon.... Ha Ha

Monday, November 05, 2007

Hello Everyone.
Amazing California shows. Halloween was a blast. Each band dressed up and played to a fantastic San Fransisco crowd. San Diego was just as fun. And a very very sweet fan made us all hand painted skateboards. Wow! Also Robert's ( from Rooney) mom was at the LA show. She had some nice things to say about Polyphonic.....
Seen at the Polyphonic Spree show...

Nov 5, 2007, 02:21 PM | by Shirley Halperin
Categories: Music, Music Biz, Theater
Tim DeLaughter and his robed 24-member choir can count a new convert to the musical movement that is the Polyphonic Spree: actress Talia Shire (Adrian, of Rocky fame), who grooved, bounced, and chanted along to the band from the core of what can only be described as a "Come to Jesus'' pit, which had formed at Hollywood's Henry Fonda theater on Friday night. Shire was there to see her son Robert Schwartzman's band, Rooney, open. (Shire, pictured with Schwartzman, also makes a cameo in their video for "When Did Your Heart Go Missing?".) But clutching a just-bought copy of the Spree's latest album, The Fragile Army, she was clearly impressed with the headliners. "It's like watching Hair," she told us as the Spree segued from a killer cover of Nirvana's "Lithium" to the psychedelic (and hence, Hair-like) "It's the Sun." "It's like a spectacle... they're so theatrical and visual, this should be on Broadway or, even better, an open-air stage." Ah, always the thespian. Besides, if the Flaming Lips can do it, why not this indie rock collective?

I am with the family now in Big D, and can't wait to rock House of Blues. We have a special treat for you.....