Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Our good friend Rolyn Barthelman & Wee See are featured in one of the best online kid's magazines there is. You can learn more about the mastermind behind Wee See by clicking HERE.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wee See turns 1 TODAY---if you haven't seen it you are missing out---FINE ART not just for the kiddos---ALL AGES---Wee See World

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Guitar Lessons with The Polyphonic Spree Guitarist!

Hello everyone! That's right, I will come to your house (via webcam) and give you one on one guitar lessons! I'll gladly accept all ages, beginner to advanced. We can work on exactly what you want to work on. Whether you just want to be able to play along with your favorite songs, play by ear,improvise,learn a bit of theory, or even write your own songs, I'd love to help! I can also help you with getting different tones,choosing and using effects, guitars, amps, and other equipment. I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to meet fans of the band, and just anyone with an interest in playing guitar, which is something I always enjoy doing.

So if you're interested, feel free to email me at for details. I look forward to hearing from you!

- Cory

Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Polyphonic Spree is now on Facebook. 
Follow us at the official page at
and join us on our upcoming adventures.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Invisible Children & La Blogotheque Invite Fans To Help Raise Funds For A Film Collaboration With The Polyphonic Spree That Will Help End Child Soldiering In Uganda

SAN DIEGO, JANUARY 27, 2009- The media-based non-profit organization Invisible Children and internationally recognized music portal La Blogotheque are teaming up to take orchestral genius’s The Polyphonic Spree and two other high caliber bands (TBD) to Gulu, Uganda where a rebel leader has been abducting children and forcing them to fight as child soldiers. The entire trip will be captured on film as bands are exposed to the devastating effects of the 24 year long war, along with the resilience of the people trying to stop it. The result will be a radically new kind of music documentary that will be sold to raise funds for Invisible Children’s life changing programs.

This collaborative film will not only document the bands and their experience with Ugandan culture, but will capture spontaneous acoustic performances along the way. As the history is revealed to the bands they will choose different settings in which to play their music that will be captured in the vein of La Blogotheque’s widely popular Take Away Shows (shows that capture bands playing outside their usual venue environment ie. Arcade Fire performing in an elevator or Sigur Ros performing in a restaurant). Among the gorgeous ambiance of Gulu’s vast landscapes these settings will act as the link between the majestically filmed Take Away Show and the story of the Ugandan people.

Invisible Children & La Blogotheque made the announcement via, a community based fundraising website that allows filmmakers, artists, etc. to present their projects to the public. Anyone and everyone visiting the site can then decide to fund the project through small or large donations in return for exclusive memorabilia from the film (digital downloads, signed photobooks, etc) or even film credit. Through the many small donations, Invisible Children and La Blogotheque are looking to receive the support from people who believe that this film will translate the redeeming power of music to ignite social and cultural change.

This project will only happen if this money gets raised. Support the making of this film and watch the pitch video at:
Invisible Children

The awareness generated by this groundbreaking musical documentary will prove that ‘musical notes can be more powerful than bullets, and songs more powerful than bombs’.

About Invisible Children, Inc.
Invisible Children is a social, political and global movement using the transformative power of story to change lives. By inspiring youth culture to value creativity, idealism and sacrifice, the movement fuels the most effective, adaptable and innovative programs in the world. Programs on the ground focus on long-term development through education and economic opportunities, while awareness and advocacy efforts focus on educating and inspiring the Western world to use their unique voice for change. The organization was created after the release of the 2004 film “Invisible Children: Rough Cut,” a revealing documentary about the plight of child soldiers in northern Uganda. For more information, visit

About La Blogotheque

Founded by Christophe (Chryde) Abric in September, 2003, La Blogotheque was initially created as a way to transmit Christophe’s love for, knowledge of and interest in independent music, using the Internet and the many mediums it can support to share information. Since then, La Blogotheque has grown significantly - not only as a concept but as a portal, hosting approximately 400 exclusive videos and over 4,000 articles, and welcoming 11,000 Unique Visitors per day, accounting for the site’s 750,000 Page Views per month.

Receiving worldwide recognition as the “tastemaker” for independent music, La Blogotheque is an international brand with an equally international audience. The site serves as the music lover’s - and artist’s - source for articles and news releases, exclusive interviews with independent artists, and, more recently, for two very unique experiences: The Take Away Shows (Concerts a Emporter) and Pocket Parties (Les Soirees de Poche).