Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Fragile Army

we introduce some lyrics to you. a line from each song.yes, thirteen is the number.have fun and THANKS for visiting these blogs and maintaining your interest in our group. patient you have been. enjoy.

you totally found out we follow the words you learned to grow-

we try, we crawl, we live, we're small-

i'm projecting and reflecting desire for you to come into my life-

we may have missed a championship of a cross becoming a gun-

well everybody tries to keep themselves alive, you were younger yeasterday-

remember the night you said you had a vision?-

the summer clouds, they made us proud-

electric moment, we took a ride-

i'm calling a wonderful feeling to calm, it tells me something is coming but softly-

love in a mixed up time, it's hard to know which way to go-

this mental cabaret is dancing with my fate, oh-

i crawl back home to x the spot where worry begins and love's forgot-

justify all your phases, we're only human, we're always guessing-

lyrics by tim delaughter and julie doyle