Wednesday, February 01, 2006

would not let you down..must share at least something about today..we are all done for the day/evening and listening to the band america in background while working on dinner..never knew they had so many hits and even some worthwhile..jeez

hits were easier i guess back in the day when songs actually could be musical and have feeling and there were no time limits..taking whatever time it took to say what it needed to..

now we're on to bruce springsteen...i actually played it for john cuz he loves him and has tried to convince that bruce is wonderful..i just never got it i guess, except for born to run, what a song! and now he is pointing out what bruce and polyphonic have in common, i see it alittle..the spirit i guess...wanting to be triumphant and hopeful

so, here's the story..mike finished a couple of tracks on piano and tomorrow we start our few final tracks..two being again, working titles, called ten times before (my fave) and left them on the floor, a pop oddessey....we gotta get done, drum rentals expire on monday and mike leaves monday...time to move on to evan, annie and ryan..bryan teasley says he might come up but never heard back..hope he comes..stella, oscar, julius and jennie will be here sat. afternoon..YES! it better snow on friday like predictions think you can control that stuff

well upon saying goodbye i will mention that ryan cooked some tasty burgers tonight..beef and veggie...we're all here again, in the same room and everyone on their computers, actual verbal conversation happening tho, no IM'ing each other...something is happening now, i hear bets going on between john and bryan, what song has the drum machine, blah blah.................john is online looking for the facts so he can prove bryan wrong..ok, bryan is wrong..i told him not to bet!!

going to bed..glad we can entertain ya a bit here via internet/blog/blogger, etc..thank chris penn, his idea..also, evan and i picked out some pictures today to post but internet was down while we had if we put them on we'd be interrupting the bruce sprimgsteen hoo