Friday, February 03, 2006

woke up to phone call from jennie letting me know that our loft back in dallas is practically flooded for the second time this week due to a broken drainpipe. i feel so bad for her having to deal with it alone, but there's nothing i can do from all the way up here. so i drown my sorrow with a few rounds of sledding! talked with her again a few minutes ago but didn't have the heart to tell her. she'll read it here first, and i'm sure i'll get a phone call shortly thereafter... can't wait for her to get up here with the kids tomorrow. they're gonna love all the snow.

john was holding his breath watching bryan take a few goes on the sled. a broken arm wouldn't do us any good with three more drum tracks to lay down. tim of course couldn't stand it watching fitzy, bryan, and me having all the fun, so he gave it a try. ran into a tree the first time; serves him right, though, b/c he was talking smack telling us we were doing it all wrong.