Sunday, February 12, 2006

dallas, texas..we are home. gotta say after twenty days we were ready. felt like we were in a trance and never coming back. started wondering if it was a good or bad thing :)

went to good records party upon returning, not sure how..we were running on a few hours was great, very festive...although we were in a complete daze i felt very sentimental...along with many others..felt like an end of an era somehow and in more ways than one..saw king congleton and his girlfriend lisa there along with some of the spree...and many other faces we haven't seen in a long time...i wondered how anyone (spree) could find the energy to get there after the twenty day journey...craziness i guess, especially john..i figured we'd ruined him for life!

to sum up last few days of pachyderm is tough...most important thing is we finished most guitars and annie and ryan pulled some out..we're happy with the sounds thus far and know there's much work ahead.,..we have some rough mixes and drove around this morning listening a bit in the car...truthfully scared to, nervous we'd been in the zone out there in those woods too long losing a bit of reality...but the feeling was one of great relief and inspiration...completely stoked to hear the rest of the band make their mark now on top of something darn good...taking tomorrow off and headed back into a dallas studio tues., no rest for the wicked

looks like evan hisey will start and tim will work on vocals this next week, then the choir in chicago at end of month...and finally, percussion, strings, horns, flute, theremin...audrey may actually come in a couple of days this next week..she's great about experimenting on the fly and giving material something unexpected..i need to call her

hope all is well and you enjoy the photo, king congleton, genius.

j team (as annie would say)