Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Fragile Army

first off, thanks for the happy birthday wishes. had a nice, quiet time and greeted the next morning with much optimism and delight. it's nice to get a year older. and also, chris penn had his 35th yesterday, feb 28th! he was working at store so we sent over a singing telegram..lots of balloons, cookies and champagne..a gorilla in a tutu. we later called from studio and sang happy birthday..

so tonight, sitting in control room of electrical listening down to a song called wings of love..figuring out choir parts..we're in good spirits and moving right along..not ahead of schedule like we hoped (wanted to run around city for a couple of hours at least one day whilst here) but that's alright..usual schedule is to meet in hotel lobby 10:30am, go to studio, start at 11am and get home around 11pm each night..long days but when everyone's learning new songs and creating parts spontaneously, it takes time...

not sure if i mentioned but first night here we met our old friend phil and his girl lindsay..must say it was a blast! turned out thai place they suggested was right next door to our hotel so the whole night was easy going and one thing led to the one point we were across the street in a dance club and most of the choir were dancing endlessly up on a stage there, guess deep down everyone misses being on the road..hence, performing!:)again, it was the polyphonic party, when ya have alot of people, you make the place your's. anyway, went back to hotel and listened to alot of abba..also watched phil's new video he shot, performed in, etc...pretty stellar..if any white dude could be sleezy, sexy, soulful and classy all at once, phil karnats is your man.

lunch..had sushi today. yum.

we have a few days left here and will head home to big d on sunday..on 7th song now.

we will then begin on strings, horns and audrey..yippee