Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Fragile Army

thurs night in dallas, tx (march 9), we have daniel (primarily violin), rick (viola/upright bass), ricky (harp) and sara (cello) performing strings now..since tues actually..they are moving fast i might add..and sounding oh so incredible, really! refreshing to hear our string section as a full body and sonically captured in a slightly dif way than ever before, creative juices flowing..have about 8 done so we're ahead of schedule, good too cuz tim still has to do final vocals and we're looking forward to adding flute, etc. for this session

we're at maximedia and they gave us a killer deal..thank goodness! it's been a pleasure so far and we're feeling the rush but trying to hold back the intensity of that excitement til the album is DONE. we're hoping to start mixing after march 23rd...

in the meantime, let your ears enjoy whatever it is they're hearing now cuz we want you to give us 100% of your time when the fragile army arrives :)

julie deeeeee