Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Fragile Army

took a break from the ole blog..life has been going and more recordings have been happening..bryan wakeland and teasley are doing tag team on the percussion and bw is done. fine job too. brian teasley is in alabama somewhere adding his performances... he's supposed to be videotaping so that the session of the fragile army will be complete. can't help but wonder what that footage will look like! :)

the horns came in last four days and from what i can tell are quite amazing! they got done quick. louis, logan, mike (st.claire) and matt are out of here. upon listening, i'm realizing that this album is so realized per group/session, everything has such a strong point of view and solid attitude... it's the only part of the session i've missed thus far and what a bummer. but at least it gives me that extra nice opportunity to be suprised by the music again..it's a weird thing how ya lose and gain perspective over and over again when creating..was tough tho, like leaving my children

audrey is in now (flute), actually started last night..incredible as usual. one of the most creative people i know, hands down. ya never have to talk much with her, she just nails it. a little direction here and there but she's best when ya let her just explore. like right now she is doing some studio trickery and bringing her new "spider" sound to life...her and timmy d make a great team. he adores her playing.

will have to get some photos off the video camera..i don't have digital camera around! ok, write back soon. just think, in a few weeks our album will be done. look out.