Friday, March 10, 2006

The Fragile Army

taking alittle break here in the studio while sara is telling tim he looks like drew barrymore, interesting, never heard that one before..and john is looking for a picture of john cameron mitchell cuz rick told him he looks like him..and then he preceeds to talk about how tim told him to watch the onion field cuz he thinks john looks so much like james wood...damn sounds confusing..daniel is sitting to my right observing in a calm state

ricky to my left keeping us entertained with random internet info..came handy to me yesterday cuz i needed to know how 54 centimeters would translate to inches..brain alittle dull, right..we then used his size 12 shoes on the ground to get the demensions i needed...a mental picture of my new light fixture i was about to purchase on ebay, a first for me

words we've learned in the studio thus far inspired by mr.congleton (aka kackle tap) that are amongst the faves.....flavor crystal, cape flap, turtle poke, tuck and patty...and yes, these are real terms that we take seriously.

4 songs to go.

julie d