Wednesday, March 22, 2006

hi all

it's an early evening here at the studio. audrey finished, went on her way and now evan hisey is in wrapping up. he kind of got caught in the middle of some craziness we were feeling after coming back to dallas from minnesota, guess we needed a few days he only recorded about a day. we ended up using and keeping most everything he did at that time so was a day well spent. so anyway, he's in working on a few songs he didn't get to do back then. next week tim will cut some lead vocals, yes we did the album, including choir, to scratch vocals..and we're keeping a bit of them. our first poly album, the beginning stages is all scratch lead vocals by the way. we had little time and just kept them. plus they just felt good. but don't worry, we're not slacking on this album, don't get the wrong idea! um

one day we will actually mix this thing and get it out there! i figured up the days we've spent thus far recording and it's somewhere around 36 days..not bad for players coming in, learning song by song, performing and moving on. it's kind of the path this album was destined for....most songs written soon before recording, i think there were about 20 songs/ideas and we settled on thirteen (the fourteenth being a ten minute piano duet between mike garson and tim which may or may not appear on the fragile army..if anything, snippets of it)
saving it for another time!

john kackletap is hanging in there with us...he's still alive at least..see how things evolve, our king congleton is now kackletap.

more later.