Friday, March 03, 2006

march 3

mark, our new friend we found in chicago is performing his tap dance for us right now in the studio, tracking to our danciest tune..i called him this morning, basically told him the idea and then he came to bless us..turns out he was a poly fan which is nice cuz it made it nice and easy, no big deal and no complaints even tho it was last minute..look for him anytime we visit chicago, he'll be there, dancing his way to your heart...amazing!

we had two songs we weren't sure if we'd get to cuz tim hadn't written lyrics but this morning, feeling inspired by the cold air of chicago, he made the mark..."championship" is a key word, another great song lyrically..hoping to do later tonight

jenny esping leaving in morning so we'll miss her terribly...hopefully she'll only miss one song...we're almost done..the girls are talking baout going to a country karoke tonight for her going away party...hhmm, sounds fun but not sure if it's a good idea..everyone's already pretty far out there mentally...COFFEE.DANGEROUS.

i hear tim talking to mark (dancer) about chitty chitty bang bang..better go