Friday, January 27, 2006

wrapping up for the day/evening... we offcially have six songs tracked now..that means drums, bass and most piano with a scratch vocal..we'll be catching up piano tomorrow and starting guitars on those songs...thus giving mark and bryan a break, a day off

ryan, evan and bryan just left for "town"...we're in the middle of nowhere..the lucky place tonight is called brewster's...pool tables, bright lights but a decent jukebox...oh and cheap drinks...annie and i thought about going but decided to stay home and get a good nights sleep..i am headed to dallas tomorrow for the weekend to see the kids..found out this evening our daughter was chosen amongst the top six kids at school to participate in an art exhibit, exciting...

mike is turning in early..he had a late one last night catching up some piano once tuner left...he started about 1am this morning, then got up about 9am and started making what he called an "avantgarson" dish..this means he gathered odds and ends of food here in the place and made something worth eating for all of us..i must say it was hearty and was a relief to eat food with substance at lunch time rather than another sandwich..he then tracked most of the day with others..

still no trout to be caught and eaten..tim working on it