Sunday, January 29, 2006

12:22pm sunday in dallas tx where it's quite sunny and warm outside...just got off the phone with tim (in minnesota where he says it snowed some more and it's cloudy) and it sounds as if they were up very late last night catching up...mark finished more bass tracks and tim overdubbed some piano stuff on top of mike's to make for some interesting honkey tonk sonics on a song or two :)'s pretty cool watching them work together in the piano room..mike sits at a 9ft. piano while tim sits at his keyboard hammering away at the keys..

mark is instant messaging me right now..says they all went out last night except john, tim and mike...and he woke up with one of the songs (working title "justify")in his head..seems really excited about the rhythm section too..bryan wakeland, kicking ass i might add!

looks like they're starting another song today, basic tracks...our session/phase one ends feb.10 so we gotta get alot done!

by the way, look for a couple of poly songs in a film coming out this spring called LUCKY 13...we covered the r.e.m. song shiny happy people..yes, yes we perfect to have polyphonic sing about shiny, happy people! the original idea was to really strip it down and do an acoustic version at a much slower tempo the end, we stayed true to the track although it only features tim, mark, bryan, audrey, annie and jennifer from the band...the other song is from the beginning stages, have a day..featuring mark, tim and jennifer's beautiful..i don't think there will be a soundtrack so we'll make sure to get these tunes out once movie is released for your listening pleasure