Thursday, January 26, 2006

it's thursday night and ryan is at it again, more jalepenos except this time he is making double the amount..tim just made a fire and we're watching history channel on tv..hitler for god's sake

had a 9ft. yamaha piano delivered today..well, mike did.. we all agreed it was the most rock and roll thing we've ever piano wasn't sounding so hot so he made a call and got a piano delivered the next day for free...then later as he was playing it we saw a price tag for 146k, wow. not that anyone's buying it

we worked out a new arrangement today for a song called " we crawl"'s def the most mellow song on album thus far..was a simple song and became quite complex in the studio..funny how that happens..always the simple ones that come back and haunt you

we have about 16 songs but are only looking to put about 10 on the record but who knows...depends how they come along

john congleton has been such a pleasure to work with...and i heard his new paper chase album the other day, amazing. excited for him to put it out..strange and beautiful

tim and bryan went trout fishing earlier during a break outside the house here but no luck..maybe tomorrow...tim says he was looking for inspiration..he doesn't have the majority of the lyrics written yet so the narrative is up in the air, out in space, the unknown...i've always known him to have strong bursts at inconvenient times so we'll see what happens under pressure..truth is he has written most of the album in the last couple of months except for two so the material is quite fresh and alittle challenging for all just in terms of "learning" it..the majority won't be recognised by anyone and even most of the band hasn't heard a lick..a different journey this time around

can't continue to write because i'm incredibly distracted by what's on tv....fahrenheit 911 (michael moore) and i believe one more moment of bush could cause me to vomit


p.s. encouraging the others to write some stuff down too..along with pictures. i'm not usually one for sharing in the writing department, bare with me.