Monday, January 23, 2006

Hi. We have our first drum take this evening and finally on our way to create the Fragile Army album. Bryan was quite inspired and got things happening quick with the help of Mark, Tim and Mike. We have a special guest playing piano on this album, Mike Garson. We met him on the Bowie tour. He's been with David Bowie since the Ziggy Stardust album. Although we got here yesterday, today's the first day of actual tracking. Mike is mind blowing in the true sense. Plays the piano in such an other wordly way. Anyway, we're feeling good and excited to be here.
All had dinner together tonight..some great burgers for some and veggie burgers for others. Tim cooked on the grill outside. I think it was below freezing so we were appreciative.
We're closing the evening down with a game of Boggle, a band fave while listening to Billie Holiday. It's nice. And Evan Hisey is winning the game, as usual. Good night.