Monday, January 30, 2006

hi. got picked up last night at 10pm from the minneapolis airport by annie and evan...we made our way back to pachyderm and the snow was outrageous..we couldn't see signs for miles but we got home..evan done good..although once at studio he had to get out and move trash cans cuz they were in the way of his sharp turn he needed at the wheel to get in driveway...annie and i felt nervous, the 15 passenger van sliding a bit and a huge ditch in front of us..evan thought about eating mcdonalds on the way in cuz he's burned out on the food at house but he passed..thank god cuz i nearly fell for some disgusting french fries

anyway, got in and guys were finalizing working title "we can fly" drum was exciting. i heard a bit of the percy faith influence in there tim has always wished for which was nice..

so today...started a track called beautiful feeling..again, just a working're truly in the infant stages of an album with us...this seems to be a fave amongst most here..and i agree, it's a good one. just has that something extra about it...

evan and i went into town and filled up on groceries..i noticed when i got here last night the kitchen was dirty and the sink was overflowing with dirty dishes, hhmmmm..clean now tho..also they told me it was the most unproductive day on sat...any coincidence a girl leaves for the weekend and productivity slows down? :)

looking forward to some sleep tonight..looks like tomorrow we'll try for two tracks, younger yesterday and round, the only two we've ever performed as a group...not sure if they'll make it or not but we're gonna try..

just told bryan we should crank the seven tunes we have basic tracks for..although they are rough and untouched, at least they feel like songs...very rewarding for now! bryan wakeland and julie doyle in one place with a stereo and songs we like, equals LOUD..not always a good idea