Wednesday, January 25, 2006

got too tired coming down from several games of boggle late last night and didn't write..i won't mention the big winner..anyway, ryan just brought me some stuff jalepenos he made..WOW! he's got something addicting in as they are, i could eat twenty..i don't think any of us ever new ryan was so domesticated...he not only cleans well on the buses, he cooks and prepares incredible dishes of food...i can hear everyone upstairs right now bursting out with joy on the tasty presentation..go ryan

he and annie have been practicing (some might like to say "jamming") here in the house for hours a's exciting to see them work together since annie came into band..their sound is becoming a true force..they've yet to lay anything down yet cuz we're still working on drums, bass and they've done a good job at killing down time with beautiful sounds..the studio manager told me this morning how much he's enjoying working to the ambient sounds of our guitar players, makes his job worthwhile

anyway, i've been documenting the process since dallas preproduction for all the fans who have always wondered how it all works...and will continue thru out process, one day we'll finally share...the ingredients that exist in the making of this album are as interesting as's a shame we didn't capture the beginning stages record, quite an amazing thing looking back

together we're heavy was pretty dull as far as the process goes so ya didn't miss much...basically we had five weeks off from touring the uk and had to make the album fast and get back on the road..we did it in dallas and it was almost like punching in the ole time clock...trying to do a traditional schedule when you're making art is for the birds...i am amazed we captured what we did with such little inspiration..i love that album though and feel it definitely represents where we were as a young band trying to conquer the world with our energy and vision...and in more ways than one

on a final note, things are going well here..we have no actual titles for songs, just working titles or i'd let ya in on them..but, we have gotten basic tracks for three now and working on fourth one...tim just yelled down for me to come listen to a drum take on the third one so we can move back soon