Sunday, January 22, 2006

To whom it may concern

I sit on my couch tonight in Dallas whilst Tim DeLaughter, Julie Doyle, John Congleton, Mark Pirro, Bryan Wakeland, Evan Hisey, Ryan Fitzgerald, and Annie Clark are nestled up in Cannon Falls, MN at Pachyderm. You can check out the studio at the following link: Looks to be a neat place. Those guys have been busting their ass doing pre-production for 3+ weeks getting these songs tighter than a frog's ass. I am super excited that they got to get out of DFW to get into another bubble other than the triplex. The triplex is our studio/rehearsal space. Mark equating it to the musical equivalent of digging ditches. It will pay off. They have a guest coming in tomorrow but I will let Julie fill you in on that. Look for this to be the place to get day to day updates, photos, and movies we hope. We just decided to get this going so bear with us as we get it set up. I am sure that Julie will be the main updater but look for thoughts and reflections from all involved. Oh yeah big ups to Billy Doyle aka Bubba for getting the gear to the studio on time. He made a straight shot from Dallas to the studio. The man is a driving machine. No thanks to American for delaying Tim's suitcase but that is how it goes when you fly that often. Stuff is bound to malfunction. Let's wish these guys well and wait patiently for the songs that I am sure will get stuck in our craniums.


Ps. Check out the current issue of Under The Radar as Tim shines some more light on the new record.