Friday, June 26, 2009

I was on the rim of the Grand Canyon when i heard the rumblings of Michael Jackson "had an heart attack" I was immediately sick...... I'm looking out across this beautiful reduction of earth.
It was and is beautiful! (we're out on an outting for Mark Pirro's bachelor party) Then 20 minutes later Tony tells me he's dead......... I could not and would not except this news...... So, kept asking him "are you sure"?!  "are you sure"?!!! He said " yeah they are talking bout it on CNN" (not that I put that much stock in CNN) but, it sounded like it was true, the way he was reacting to his friend on the other line. Then I realized it was true.. I started to cry and wished Julie was with me cause, I knew she was just as crushed as I was, along with my kids. Our son Oscar was a huge Michael Jackson fan, he dances to him all the time. Two days before we left my daughter Stella said "listen to this song Oscar and i sing together" The song was "Ben" they sang it a'capella. It was AWESOME!! 
That was comforting for me, remembering that moment. 
This is the first time I've had internet service. (in Arizona) I'm still in shock.....
I haven't seen any TV out here and haven't look for any news. 
Wanted to express my heartfelt loss for this man and his kids.
He was one of the most spirited human beings "WE" have been graced with.
What a loss.
Just go watch him as a kid on youtube and see it that "wonder" that we all have.
It's just that, he knew it early on and we got the privilege to get experience it.
I will miss him along with my family.
Take Care,