Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hey, what's up? Sorry for the delay in given you the skinny.
LA Wee See launch was perfect! Great to see some familiar folks as well as meeting some
new enthusiastic humans towards Wee See.

The Polyphonic Spree is doing what it does, continues to navigate their daily lives.
Writing has been going on consistently. Have been doing alot of jams lately with other folks in the community. The other night had a few peeps from the group Mt. Righteous.
 I had presented them their award at "The Quick Awards Show" at the Granada Theater (I was asked if I would present the final awards for the evening. Which I was honored to do so by the way) It was a interesting evening for me, because I had never done that before and I was a bit nervous. But, it all worked out and prompted me to ask them (Mt. Righteous) if they wanted to jam. So we did and it was a blast! Their a good group of kids and I enjoyed improvising with them, switching instruments and such. Wish them all the best.
I have been working on getting my Identity back from Myspace and Facebook. It seems there have been people impersonating as me,(Tim DeLaughter) without me knowing.
I know this sounds alittle naive to not know this till recently, but as you may or may not know. I have really never been very active or should say interactive on these forums regarding myself.
It's always been with TPS and even then my input was pretty void. 
So, after I decided to take back all TPS related sites, (creative content etc). It spawned us (Julie and I to check out "me". That's when we discovered the impostors. 
So, I apologize for those of you who thought you were talking to me, and maybe getting no response or info etc. This is being worked out as we speak.
The Tim DeLaughter myspace is sorted and you will see the link on The Polyphonic Spree friends area. Although, it's up. It's not quite realized please be patient. As far as The Facebook is concerned it's being handled and should be rectified soon. Will keep you posted. 
This is all happening with the gracious help of Josh and My friend Mark. (leaving last name out on purpose) who are quite savvy in this area.
Thank You guys!!
Have a great day people!