Friday, June 19, 2009

Hi, people of the world.
HOPE all is well with you! (and if not) IT WILL TURN AROUND!
We'll as you can see, I haven't put up that song. 
Which means, my lunch with Adam turned out to be unproductive, in ah since of, figuring out the posting of said song. (I'm on it) Wasn't his fault, I didn't even bring it up so, I got that going for me which is nice.
But, we had a GREAT visit and good food and a few drinks and met a couple of friends of his from his work. Great guys.
I also, stayed around to watch this band. He used to be in the Redwalls, played guitar.
He was at the place we were at and we saw each other. Cant remember his name, (I suck at that) faces i know it's just the name of the face that escapes me everytime. (So, if we ever bump into each other and i remember you with some sort of enthusiasm  means I remember you, just not your name. Don't take personally.) It's a handicap.
The bands name escapes me. They were headlining. I came into the club (pianos) while the band prior to them was still on. They had 2 songs left, and they knocked my socks off!
They gave me the ROCK i needed at the time, wish i had seen more. Rhythm section awesome! loved it!
I do remember their name cause i text Julie right after. their called "twin shadows" Now i only caught the last 2 songs. So, I can't fully recommend them, But, what I saw was GREAT! so check em out, their from here, NYC.
ALWAYS, ALWAYS show up for the opening band (unless you know) "you never know what the tide will bring" (Tom Hanks Cast Away)
The band I came to see was really good as well. I think I was just ready for some rock after those guys. They (twin shadows) kinda set my tone for the evening.  I will say this.. about the band I came to see. The lead singer was very genuine and cares about peoples well being and THAT is HUGE to translate that to the public. He's sings about situations he's been in with his girlfriend etc. 
Sensitive,  passionate and very friendly. (which is nice to know, especially since he was the first person i saw after the first band, and was going on and on to him about that band that had just finished, about "how awesome that was"!) I didn't know he was the lead singer of the band i came to see till he popped up on stage and started setting up. That was pretty uncomfortable.

Next day:
Hooked up with mine and Julie's good friend Heather who was celebrating a very special birthday with her man Rolyn (the artist/creator of weesee). We did Momofuko which is a staple, for us every time we come up here, (chicken buns) and sake. But we had "Lone Star" beer. (it was her birthday) Then we went to "Chickalious" sp? just deserts that's all they do.
And, their the BEST! 
I bid them a farewell and off i went....
I met up with Phil Karnats and his sweet wife Lindsey, we had a great visit. He's here, for a show, their playing tonight. (Secret Machines) I will be going to that tonight with Jay Jennings (one of our trumpet players. The one without the fro) and his girl. He just moved up here, so you may see him out and about if your in the NYC area. 

I left there and went home, and stayed in the apt for about 35 hours without leaving, writing and messing with garageband. I have no internet where I'm staying.
So, I'm in a Starbucks typing away and I have to go>
Have a nice evening and some sweet dreams.