Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hi. This is Julie catching up a bit for Timmy D. before I head back to Nyc early in morning where he's still in a bubble/wonderful little space in West Village writing...he's without internet there so I'm helping out. So here we go....
Tim just found out he's up for (obviously just a contender) a chance of getting to become the composer for the next season's Showtime series The United States of Tara but on immediate deadline, of course!. Anyway, he has incredibly limited gear to do much more than anything but just "write"... so thankfully, Benny B, who luckily lives close by is at the apt now to lend a helping hand with his recording goods. (This would be Benjamin Curtis of The School of Seven old friend and young spirit of UFOFU, Tripping Daisy and The Secret Machines..I mention his projects because ya should def check out his latest band first mentioned/amazing!)...
Anyway, all good because the deadline is, ha, NOW and Tim is def out of his comfort zone of home studio/Mark Pirro in hometown of Dallas. Mark engineers most everything in regards to these type of projects we participate in! But even stranger, we found out the theme song we recorded as a family (literally) for this show that ran last season was announced as an Emmy nominee this morning. Woke to a wonderful email congratulating us. AWESOME. Even better, we're real fans of the show! You can find a link here to check it out...also, look for a full song version of it on next Poly album. Can't remember for sure but I think we named it "The Ride"??????

Ok..enough bragging= you're gagging. :) just excited.

What's going on? Besides most polys staying very busy... all of us in many different ways, here goes the music. Tim is almost done writing the record. We're gonna share a few demos shortly.... lone geetar and voice. No pre pro this time, etc. Will leave the rest up to you for imagination. End of July we'll have more. WE START THE ALBUM AUG.4, 2009. FOR REALZ. You'll be able to find it on our own Good Records Recordings label pretty soon after. BTW, please check out our Good Records Recordings Myspace ( and so many wonderful artists...and friend's other forward moving efforts of greatness. And please, stay in touch with Good Records ( CHRIS PENN and co. have been AMAZING keeping the heart of that place alive.

Some upcoming Poly SHOWS:
SoCo shows...this means we'll be making tribute and doing many covers..some new ones. Suprise. I have to admit, we do love us some covers!
Aug. 27 New Jersey (Asbury)
Sept.17 Boston (Paradise)
Sept. 24 Dallas (Paladium)
Oct.1 Nyc (Webster Hall)

Different event/direction: amazing concept..we will perform as well. CHECK OUT THIS LINK!
Oct.10 Dallas
(venue tbd)

I just reread this blog entry and it doesn't quite "feel" like what I really wanted to say but it's been a long time and hopefully you're getting something from it. Difficult to remember, describe or discuss all the LIFE stuff and fun spontaneous jams happening all around as well as GROWTH all the over the place locally, yup, right here yall. Dallas, teXas.

Tim will be back soon :) to carry on the dialogue.

Much love from all the Poly's!