Monday, May 28, 2007

well... its my lucky day... as well as chris'... hal stepped in and saved it. thanks hal for posting this stuff.

yesterday we realized we needed more footage..went to hal's place on
the roof and tried for magic. was fun even tho we'd been up most of
the night.....all nighters lately and deadlines have been our middle

i got to shoot some footage myself. hal gave me the camera, said i was prob a bit more "agile" and could squat down further than him and chase tim around. i think he was just being nice. that dude has alot of energy and can get in any position.

here you see tim holding out 4 fingers..this would be our way to keep
track of what footage was what.

jeremy (editor), brandon (graphic designer), myself and tim last night after the animal collective show..we stopped by to see what was happening...the look on our faces? i dunno.

would be last night to work on this baby, we thought..........the functional, american you see yourself?

i called my brother earlier, the wolf..i panicked a bit realizing we
needed two dv tapes for final process tonight/4am pick up...time to
download our video. can always depend on him to make it happen...besides, when the band is gone, that means most of my friends
are gone.