Sunday, May 27, 2007

hi. waiting for chris to get all the updated blog info and pics i emailed him a few moments ago from the current project hal's editing our first video from the song RUNNING AWAY..watching people go thru over 70,000 still images is INSANE...i'm sitting here writing as we have a 4am deadline....(btw, i learned DHL ROCKS...)..these guys have been going non stop...hal, jeremy and brandon.

the reason you have to wait? i am a dork and don't know how to post pics along with text!

so anyway, the point at hand.....i realized we never blogged a few weeks ago when working on the documentary (raise your ears and hold on to your heart..the making of the fragile army). this will be available with purchase of album. and the first time we've ever given a real look behind the scenes of polyphonic in's about 51 minutes. and raw. be prepared...still, i'd be lying if i didn't mention it is only a "glimpse." happened like this...when brainstorming dif ideas a couple of months ago for release of the fragile army album, i threw it out there maybe we could simply gather some behind the scenes footage for a limited edition piece. well, it went straight to back burner and when we got the call while out of town asking if "that footage was ready" i about died. there had never been any further discussion on the matter so of course i'd done nothing. however, i was relieved they only requested 8-15 minutes being we'd get back to dallas with only 3 days to deliver...along with the fact i'd not watched any of the footage back from when i originally captured it..which would be a time span of about one year. so of course i asked chris to PLEASE help me!! we started there, going thru footage a bit at a time at my kitchen table. hours and hours and hours of footage.

well...let's just say they (TVT) were generous and gave us a few extra days... along with yes/go productions (jason whitbeck, who made his space avail to us here in dallas immediately) and miles "genius" hargrove (editor) who, no doubt, made this documentary a reality....the whole thing would come together. somehow.

our wish was to share some of the process in a literal sense for real fans of the spree while also hoping anyone could/would relate to what it's like when you're working on something that's imortant to ya...moving forward even when your support system falls out from underneath you.

yes, we were dropped by our record label right after basic tracks were finished. it's our specialty. however, we eventually went on to find a home at tvt once album was finished...

we don't have any photos but since chris is a much better writer than i, maybe he can actually describe what those 6 days were like creating the piece...maybe, maybe not.

i learned today pitchfork ( will go live with the trailer from the movie tues morning.

til then...adios.