Tuesday, June 12, 2007



ok. so we've made it a habit here and there to promise ya stuff and then it takes awhile. apologies. when yer trying to achieve something worthwhile, sometimes it just takes.... time.

soon, very soon, like tomorrow morning, we'll post the trailer to the documentary RAISE YOUR EARS AND HOLD ONTO YOUR HEART...it seems like every band these days has the ole "extra footage" thing happening to trick ya into buying the cd. well, we really hope you'll buy our's cuz it is the first time we've been able to put something together after all this time. and again, it's only a glimpse into the whole story of the spree. it truly can't do the entire invention and evolution justice but..in its own small way, it will give ya insight to the making of this album.

the story from the beginning and all the colorful personalities past and present in the band will unfold in time. i believe anyone who has been involved with the spree on some level can agree it's been an unreal, unusual experience. and overall enlightening. it's a process.

this band wouldn't be what it is today without every person who has engaged at some point...ya see, the polyphonic spree is much more than just the music, it's a "happening."

whether it's been a player in the group, a singer...or the team around the band, it takes all involved to make it a reality!

one day it is our wish to put it all out there. but the story is still writing itself. and for now, there isn't an ending! bear with us.

enjoy your glimpse. (and always remember, the true key to anything worth watching and believing must have a great editor, without them, yer stuff sucks!)

doesn't matter who this is from but it can be trusted!