Friday, May 29, 2009

Hello.... humans and whatever else is reading this....
HOPE all is well with you all. Just got back from NYC, from our first Wee See launch party,
which was an evening filled with reminiscing with old friends and frolicking with new and interesting and engaging people. What a night! 
We do this in Dallas tomorrow night... can't wait and ready for whatever pops up.
We leave for LA on June 1st for the launch on June 2nd.

 After our NYC launch party we made it to the Toadies show at Irving Plaza which was a blast from the past, they were GREAT! and it was fun seeing them enjoying themselves. Happy for those guys and couldn't help but to cut a rug with em and ended playing drums with Mark and Tony.
Great day and night.

The following day (in NYC) we (Julie and I) were invited to engage dialogue with some incredible people. The platform was designed for the progress/process of inspiring each other in our everyday workings of life.
Quite moving, in so many ways. We should all get together some time and share our beliefs on the self-workings of living. I know, I can get pretty crazy about this subject and all it's possibilities.
So, it's nice to hear other perspectives, and the reaffirming of ones own navigating practices.
Sweet Dreams,

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Check out our NEW myspace page, I think it's lovely.
(Thank You Josh, for helping me get it together.)

I would like to share something with you all.
We are no longer on the Orchard Group record label. They're the ones that bought TVT (nightmare) our previous label.
To make this happen, they (Orchard) were gracious enough to let us buy our
record (The Fragile Army) back, along with our freedom from any future
ties to them.
We are now back on our own label (Good Records)
Where we started from in the first place in the year 2000, with the release of The Beginning Stages of.....
So, this now means we have come full circle.
What a "long and strange trip that was"
Thanks to all those labels who were brave enough to harbor such a project, your efforts were
appreciated. (except for TVT.. although I can't say we weren't warned)

These are exciting times for us all, for too many reasons to list.
I will say the song writing began yesterday, on May the 12th.
(i don't mean there hasn't been any approaching new song ideas,
that's been going on for awhile now)
I say, "began yesterday" because yesterday I decided to complete a song a day,
instead of bits and pieces of ideas.
So, there's 2 that are complete, and the shape of the theme has been born, for the future
ears who care.
I think i will share snip-its of the bare bones of the songs, (just me and acoustic) to give you an idea of where it starts from, before it's completely realized with full band.
I will ponder this with Julie and we'll see what we can work out.

Monday, May 11, 2009

wee see 
I'm 9 minutes late wishing all you moms A Happy Mother's Day!
Hope it was a good one. You deserve it!
love, us

Friday, May 08, 2009

Well, what day it was yesterday.
We played a show at Greenhill, a K thru 12th grade school.
We played in the "quad" (kinda like a courtyard/commons area) where the kids had their lunch
(Hot dogs and hamburgers and lemonade) outside, while we we're playing music.
It was a constant rotation of different grades lunch periods.

I was pretty anxious the day before because we (the band) hadn't played together for a while and we we're missing some key players i.e. Nick (piano), who was busy writing a 20 page paper for school. (he goes to North Texas). So it was kinda hectic trying to go thru songs without a piano player plus a few other missing players to boot, while putting a set together for the rotation of kids lunch periods. This meant continuous playing without feeling like "we just played that song" and "are these cool for this age group" etc.
The rehearsal was, in my opinion, kinda like a train wreck, (that's why I was anxious) but some people in the band disagree with me on the "train wreck" part. (different perspectives)

We had to be there at 8:30 in the morning for load in and a line check. All this was going on by the way, with kids and faculty all around.
We started promptly at 11:15 and didn't stop till 1:20. We dove right in with "hold me now" and so on.
We did quite abit of improvising, which I always love to do.
I brought alot of hand held percussion instruments (shakers, maracas, bell chimes, tambourines, blocks etc) for the kids to play while we we're playing, to keep it really interactive.
The kids we're GREAT!
They we're very excited to be a part of the music. It was AWESOME to see the expressions on their faces and their enthusiasm towards keeping time and playing with the band.

What was perceived to be a cluster of an unfocused musical experience (in my mind) the day before.
Turned out to be a WONDERFULLY focused musical experience day for us all. "Many magical moments for sure" Julie says.
Not to mention the kids that we're inspired in  ways they don't even realize yet.
So, all in all, it worked out, just like it ALWAYS does. Try to remember the power of the unknown. (I'm talking to myself, feel free to apply to yourself) Life has a way kicking in when you need it.
Oh, it also helps to be in The Polyphonic Spree.
Take it easy,

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

It is now a work in progress, kinda like the loss of pattern on the bottom of your tennis shoe. The more you move the more you notice a new pattern.
Such as life. My eyes are heavy, goodnight.
I wish everyone a day of peace.
Love, Tim

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

"Good morning star shine"

Friday, May 01, 2009

check this out...