Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Check out our NEW myspace page, I think it's lovely.
(Thank You Josh, for helping me get it together.)

I would like to share something with you all.
We are no longer on the Orchard Group record label. They're the ones that bought TVT (nightmare) our previous label.
To make this happen, they (Orchard) were gracious enough to let us buy our
record (The Fragile Army) back, along with our freedom from any future
ties to them.
We are now back on our own label (Good Records)
Where we started from in the first place in the year 2000, with the release of The Beginning Stages of.....
So, this now means we have come full circle.
What a "long and strange trip that was"
Thanks to all those labels who were brave enough to harbor such a project, your efforts were
appreciated. (except for TVT.. although I can't say we weren't warned)

These are exciting times for us all, for too many reasons to list.
I will say the song writing began yesterday, on May the 12th.
(i don't mean there hasn't been any approaching new song ideas,
that's been going on for awhile now)
I say, "began yesterday" because yesterday I decided to complete a song a day,
instead of bits and pieces of ideas.
So, there's 2 that are complete, and the shape of the theme has been born, for the future
ears who care.
I think i will share snip-its of the bare bones of the songs, (just me and acoustic) to give you an idea of where it starts from, before it's completely realized with full band.
I will ponder this with Julie and we'll see what we can work out.