Friday, May 29, 2009

Hello.... humans and whatever else is reading this....
HOPE all is well with you all. Just got back from NYC, from our first Wee See launch party,
which was an evening filled with reminiscing with old friends and frolicking with new and interesting and engaging people. What a night! 
We do this in Dallas tomorrow night... can't wait and ready for whatever pops up.
We leave for LA on June 1st for the launch on June 2nd.

 After our NYC launch party we made it to the Toadies show at Irving Plaza which was a blast from the past, they were GREAT! and it was fun seeing them enjoying themselves. Happy for those guys and couldn't help but to cut a rug with em and ended playing drums with Mark and Tony.
Great day and night.

The following day (in NYC) we (Julie and I) were invited to engage dialogue with some incredible people. The platform was designed for the progress/process of inspiring each other in our everyday workings of life.
Quite moving, in so many ways. We should all get together some time and share our beliefs on the self-workings of living. I know, I can get pretty crazy about this subject and all it's possibilities.
So, it's nice to hear other perspectives, and the reaffirming of ones own navigating practices.
Sweet Dreams,