Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Attention! Attention!
Mental Cabaret Video

Yukfoo is an Animation studio based in New Zealand. We took on the Mental Cabaret video as a side project because The Spree has been a regular on the studio playlist for several years and we wanted to help them out with a bit of animated weirdness. We took a lot longer than we should have to make the video as the studio got busy almost the minute we took the project on, so we're glad the Spree isn't a black metal band from Norway, cause we've heard that they are a lot less tolerant of tardiness when it comes to making music videos.

The apocryphal/apocalyptic story told in the video cannot be blamed on The Spree in any way, as Tim said right up front that the visual interpretation of the song was up to us, so, if the video destroys the mental picture that you have in your head when you hear Mental Cabaret, Yukfoo is located in Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand (a rather expensive flight from most parts of the world) should you need to conduct a revenge mission. We hope that the Mental Cabaret video does the business for The Spree because, more than most, they deserve to dominate the world of music.