Friday, June 27, 2008

Have you missed us? We've totally missed you! Getting ready to head off to Summerfest at the moment... 5 am shuttle call!

Acutally, I'm still packing. I really dislike it. I'm always over thinking what I will or wont need. Then I spend way to much time trying on outfits for the different climates, rabbit trailing on the web, looking through books or magazines I should be saving for the flight, and next thing you know its 11:45 pm, I'm still not done.... You'd think after all these years I'd change my ways.

So I'm really excited to play again. Live shows are just the best.
We've been doing a little of this and that over the past few months. Just finished recording something really juicy a couple days ago. Hmmmm wanna guess?

And... probably since you've seen us last, we've added to our family. Cory Helms, a wicked awesome guitar player, and totally nice guy.

Also we got new uniforms, experimenting with leotards, you can get yours at the merch booth.

Happy Summer.
See you Sunday.

Ps. I'm delirious... no leotards, sorry