Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Alot happening. But by this point, I bet nobody believes us! Just stay tuned if possible. Alittle longer.
In the meantime, I received a facebook message and this is what happened via email today....put a big smile on our faces.! Enjoy the song......xJ

Hi julie....

its me christian, i asked you the other day on facebook for your e-mail to send you a little song i wanted you and tim (especially tim!) to hear called 'i want to be in the polyphonic spree'. I recorded it a couple years ago though, and i didn't know tims name wasn't pronounced that way (we don't have the name 'delaughter' in england) so i apologise for that, i bet its annoying.

I hope you guys like it. My favourite three bands of all time are the beach boys, suede and the polyphonic spree.



Brilliant. We love it so much, especially tim :)

May we have permission to post at the the poly site?


yeah, of course! oh by the way, check out my bands new ep... its different sort of stuff, we're a sort of pop/punk/indie band called the valentines. We like doo-wop and punk and well... just pop music really. My singings a bit different than on the spree song... i sing softer on home recordings you see.

i'm glad you like it! I always wanted to see you guys live... i came close once, when you played in birmingham for the fragile army tour. My girlfriend got us tickets, and we travelled up from brighton - i was so excited. Then when we got there she had mixed up the dates and you played the previous night. I was really upset. Then when we were at home the next night i saw you on jonathan ross and i got even more upset. She bought me a jacket to make up for it but it didn't quite cut the mustard.... anyway, i was heartbroken. I really hope you come to the uk again. But anyway, yeah! put it on the site by all means! I'd be incredibly honoured...that'd be splendid!

cheers julie!

lots of love,