Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Howdy! Miss you all. Just a little update, some new news for most of you....

1. Oh I Feel Fine video..coming out on at&t blue room march 25. basically we had a couple of days to give them something "exclusive" so we decided on phil's remix he'd done awhile back and visually pulled footage from or last xmas/rock show..but we weren't sure how to make the footage seem cohesive to an obviously recorded/remixed track that we never perform live. so, while at mile's house/editor brainstorimg, his sweet dog abby became a very apparent source! we took her out into the backyard of his home and tim and her had long, thoughtful conversation about the spree. you'll see.

2. in the studio..the speekers (tim, julie and mark) scoring a childrens' dvd...can't tell ya name of it yet because the creator is in process of crossing t's and i's! we'll just say in concept it will appeal to most everyone around the world! yet the intial inspiration was born from the need to enlighten and entertain infants! we're hoping to finish it by june and find placement in nyc's moma museum!

3. april 26...norman show..ya know

4. might play wildflower fest in may..not firm

5. we'll be working up another daisy cover..HINT: from the self titled!

6. STUDIO: we are starting mixing LIVE tracks from xmas/rock show and editing live footage! hoping to have ready for all by june! hoping to start xmas album in MAY...if not, looks like we'll be writing a new original album!
7.july/aug...going overseas for festivals etc!
8. we are still in conversations about a polyphonic "show" we'd like to start in installation. we're pitching ideas and working out ideas for the script daily!