Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Happy Holidays Ya all.
(said super sappy just for you)
So check it out... you do not want to miss this.
And p.s. special guests? Gotta come to find out.

Also read a little tidbit from my dear friend Two Tone Turner on the making of The Polyphonic Spree version Carol Of The Bells.

That song was super fun to make! The girls, mostly Jennifer and Jessica, if I remember right, came up with the "original lyrics," based on Louis' direction for that part of the script, then I worked them into an SATB arrangement that worked for us from a copy of the sheet music Potsie found. We learned it around the piano one morning in Jess' awesome living room, and then rushed over to Mark's to record it. There were only about six or seven of us that day, so we all sang multiple parts in the multi-tracking. Mark even sang the bass part with me, I helped out on alto (a stretch, believe me), and Julie, Potsie, and I tripled up on the tenor since we were short on guys. Mark and I did the mix, with Mark engineering, of course (one of his many specialties). It took us the shorter part of long, busy morning.

Ah, the good old days.